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Practice Areas

Solow, Isbell & Palladino, LLC is organized into six practice areas:
Employment-Based Immigration and Non-Immigrant Visas
Deportation Defense & Humanitarian Relief
Family-Based Immigration
Immigration Appeals
Academic Immigration

Employment-Based Immigration and Non-Immigrant Visas


Solow , Isbell, & Palladino, LLC understands that much of the cutting edge research and development in the United States is performed by foreign nationals, that the agricultural industry in the United States is supported by dedicated workers from abroad,  and that many of the most caring workers in our health care system were not born in the United States. Our firm is dedicated to assisting corporations of all sizes and individuals of all skill levels navigate the complex territory covered by U.S. immigration laws and regulations governing employment-based immigration.  If you are contemplating coming to the United States for temporary employment, we have experience with B-2 visitors’ visas; E-5 visas for Australian nationals; initial H-1B visa filings, transfers, and renewals; L-1A and L-1B visas for international managers and intracompany transferees; O visas for business people of extraordinary ability; R visas for religious workers and professionals; and other types of employment-based non-immigrant visas. 

We also have extensive experience assisting professional athletes and artists from around the world obtain the visas required to play and perform in the United States with P and O non-immigrant visas, as well as P-1S and O-2 visas to bring their dedicated staff members to the United States. Our attorneys have been successful in demonstrating to USCIS adjudicators that athletes from exciting and growing, but non-traditional, professional sports such as snowboarding, motocross, supercross, snocross, and minor-league affiliates of major league teams are as deserving of P and O non-immigrant visa classification as athletes from better-established professional sports.  

If you are trying to come to the United States as a permanent resident, we are also well positioned to assist you in obtaining all manner of employment-based green cards.  These include EB-1 self-petitioning cases for individuals of extraordinary ability; EB-2 cases for tenure-track faculty at colleges and universities; EB-2 special recruitment for non-tenure track college and university faculty members; and PERM cases for workers in other fields.  We can also assist individuals seeking green cards based on their work as religious ministers, religious professionals, and investors.   Many of our clients seeking employment-based immigrant visas and adjustment of status originally come to the United States as non-immigrants. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in changing your status from non-immigrant to immigrant where possible.


Deportation Defense & Humanitarian Forms of Relief

If you or a loved-one have been served with a Notice to Appear and are required to present yourself before in immigration court, we know that this is probably one of the most stressful periods in your life.  Attorneys Solow , Isbell, and Palladino have represented clients around the United States before many immigration courts and judges and understand that you need accessible, authoritative, and aggressive defense in order to maximize your chances to remain in the United States. We always provide our clients with realistic, honest advice in preparing for removal cases; but we are not afraid to try to solve our clients’ problems with novel or out-of-the-box solutions.

We have extensive experience in deportation and removal matters, such as asylum, withholding of removal, protection under the Convention Against Torture, Cancellation of Removal,  Adjustment of Status, presenting cases for I-601 waivers for grounds of inadmissibility before immigration judges, and successfully presenting Motions to Reopen in absentia deportation/removal orders to immigration judges around the United States, and pursue other forms of relief available to individuals in deportation or removal proceedings. Likewise, if a loved one is currently detained, we are available to quickly arrange bond hearings for your loved ones, and we have been successful in achieving reasonable bonds for many detained clients enabling them to remain in the care and comfort of their own homes and families during removal proceedings instead of in DHS detention facilities.

If you have been in the United States for less than one year and you are afraid to return to your home country because you fear persecution, it is extremely important that you meet with a qualified immigration attorney as soon as possible so that you can timely file for asylum.

Family-based Immigration

Family-based immigration is one of the most common reasons clients solicit our legal expertise. While many people think that family-based immigration is a simple process that does not require the guidance and counsel of an immigration lawyer, we strongly encourage you to consult with us prior to attempting to file any applications or petitions with USCIS pro se.  Attorneys Solow and Isbell have experience with the family-based immigration process and we can help you file for adjustment of status, file to have the conditions of permanent residence removed, and represent individuals who are victims of domestic violence self-petition for immigration benefits in the United States. 

We also have a growing consular practice that assists individuals in the United States petition for immigrant visas for their relatives abroad seeking to immigrate to the United States.  This includes the successful filing of I-601 and I-212 waivers at consulates abroad which enable otherwise inadmissible individuals to return to the United States in order to be reunited with their families.  We also have experience in assisting HIV+ individuals, individuals with tuberculosis, individuals with mental disabilities, and other individuals who are considered inadmissible on public health grounds obtain waivers that permit them to enter the United States as immigrants and remain here as permanent residents. 

As with our other services, we strive to provide our family-based immigration clients with cost-effective, honest representation.  One of the benefits of utilizing our firm’s services to complete the family-based immigration process is knowing that our attorneys will appraise you of the areas in your case that require particular attention and explanation so that when you or your relatives appear before a USCIS or Consular Officer, you will be well-prepared and your interview will proceed as smoothly as possible. No attorney can or ever should predict results or guarantee success in an immigration matter, but the attorneys of Solow & Isbell, LLC assure you that with us as your partners in the immigration process you will be well prepared to present an approvable case to USCIS or the Department of State.



Naturalization is the culmination of many years of hard work, and working with our clients to help them become United States citizens is one of the most rewarding parts of our jobs as attorneys.  At times, however, naturalization can be a deceptively complicated process.  In order to ensure that your case is properly presented to USCIS and that all aspects of your case are thoroughly analyzed prior to filing your case with USCIS, you should consider retaining legal counsel to assist with the naturalization process.  If you retain us to assist you with naturalization, we will be with you every step of the way – from filing your N-400 application, to preparing and attending your naturalization interview.  If necessary, we can also compel USCIS to schedule you for a naturalization oath ceremony by filing a writ of mandamus if it has been more than 120 days since your naturalization interview and you still have not been scheduled for an oath ceremony. 

Our representation in naturalization matters is comprehensive, personalized and, like the full range of our immigration counsel, affordable.

Immigration Appeals, Motions to Reopen, and Motions to Reconsider

Unfortunately, sometimes USCIS officers, immigration judges, the BIA, and the AAU, deny individuals’ requests for relief from removal or applications for other immigration benefits.  There are many reasons that cases are denied, but our attorneys are experienced with analyzing the record in a case, assessing it, and advising you concerning your grounds for appealing a denial in your case.  Attorneys Solow , Isbell , and Palladino have experience with, and have been successful in, filing appeals with USCIS district offices, USCIS service centers, and the USCIS Administrative Appeals Unit (AAU or AAO); and immigration judges and the Board of Immigration Appeals in matters ranging from denials of asylum applications to naturalization applications.  Likewise both attorneys Solow and Isbell have experience in appealing denials of immigration cases to U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal. 

If your case has been denied, you should contact us immediately in order to schedule a consultation, as many immigration appeals must be filed within 30 days of a decision, and in most cases there is no remedy for a missed deadline.

Academic Immigration


Academic immigration issues are multi-faceted.  Perhaps you’re in the United States on an F-1 student visa and looking for a tenure-track job.  Maybe you have been in J-1 status and need help filing an 212(e) waiver to overcome the two-year home-stay requirement in order to take a job or post-doc in the United States immediately, or perhaps you unfortunately find yourself in a position where you have inadvertently fallen out of F-1 non-immigrant status and need to file for reinstatement of your student status.  Our attorneys have experience with these types of issues, and are willing to provide the type of precise advice you need at rates that are within students’ reach. 


Both attorneys Solow and Isbell are available to provide student organizations and schools with seminars about frequently asked immigration questions related to being a foreign student in the United States.  We believe that this type of information should be provided as a public service, and accordingly, we generally provide these information sessions free of charge to interested organizations and schools.

Many foreign graduate students in the United States are also faced with the daunting process of solving the difficult twin-problem of finding an academic job in the United States while making sure that they have an immigration status that enables them to work in the United States as professors, lecturers, and researchers. The attorneys at Solow , Isbell, and Palladino have close ties to the academic community and understand the unique challenges of obtaining academic employment.  We would be happy to provide you with an accurate assessment of your immigration options in the United States to maximize your professional potential.  Our areas of experience include assistance with EB-1 self-petitions for academics and researchers of extraordinary ability, EB-2 petitions for outstanding professors and researchers, EB-2 special recruitment cases for non-tenure track university and college teachers, cap-exempt H-1B petitions for non-immigrant tenure-track teaching and research petitions, as well as TN visas for Mexican and Canadian academics. 


If you have any questions about your options as an academic or researcher in the United States, we would be pleased to hear from you and glad to become your partners in achieving your immigration and professional objectives in the United States.